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The Greater Denver Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club stands behind the following statement made by The Westminster Kennel Club:

"The Westminster Kennel Club continues to firmly believe and advocate that the best source for a puppy or adult dog for your family will always be those responsible breeders who produce puppies with the goal of improving the health and physical traits of that breed. To accomplish that, responsible breeders continuously study their pedigrees and breeding stock, do health checks on all of their dogs involved, properly raise and socialize their puppies, and stand behind their puppies. Responsible breeders are proud of their dogs and participate in activities and organizations that further their knowledge of their breed and their dogs."

The best place to purchase a quality puppy or dog is from a responsible breeder. A responsible breeder is one whose goal is to continuously improve the breed through a thoughtful breeding program that strives to produce quality puppies that are healthy, happy and as free from genetic defects as possible.

A responsible breeder:

Sells only to individual buyers and doesn't always have puppies available.

Encourages multiple visits and wants your entire family to meet the puppy before you take your puppy home.

Encourages you to spend time with the puppy's parents - at a minimum the pup's mother - when you visit.

Shows you where the dogs spend most of their time - an area that is clean and well maintained.

Is a member of a local, state and/or national breed club and is involved in breed activities such as conformation, agility, obedience, etc.

Provides you with a written contract and allows plenty of time for you to read it thoroughly.

Is willing to provide references of other families who have bought from him/her.

Possesses in-depth knowledge of the breed standard.

Has a strong relationship with a local vet and shows you records of visits for the puppies.

Is well versed in potential genetic problems inherent in the breed, and carefully reviews the genetics of the union of a breeding pair as well as the health and temperament of the pair (and their ancestors) in an effort to produce the best possible puppies.

Has a working knowledge of the pedigree of every dog he/she breeds and knows the health history of the dog's ancestors. Provides you with a pedigree of at least 4 generations for your puppy.

Tests every dog he/she wants to breed for health problems, including blood and urine tests, hip x-rays and eye tests. "Health testing" does NOT mean that the dog goes to the vet once a year, is current on its vaccinations and appears healthy on the surface.

Will always take back any dog of their breeding at any time during the life of the dog and for any reason.

Gives guidance on caring and training of the puppy and is available for assistance after you have brought your puppy home and FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE DOG.

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